The Shag Harbour UFO Incident

The Shag Harbour UFO incident, its name derived from the small Nova Scotia fishing community of Shag Harbour, population 400-450, took place shortly before midnight, October 4, 1967.

A dozen people purportedly witnessed a low flying object enter the harbor’s water with a “whoosh,” a bang and a flash of light. Concerned that an airplane had crashed, some of the witnesses reported the event to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the general consensus being that an object approximately 60 feet long, well lit with a number of flashing amber lights, had impacted the water at an angle of 45 degrees. Three Mounties were quickly dispatched to the scene, arriving in time to observe a yellow lit object which had been bobbing amongst the waves slide beneath the surface and disappear from sight.

The Mounties, concerned about survivors, alerted the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax and organized a local rescue effort. No debris or bodies were found, either by the fishermen or the Coast Guard vessel which had arrived shortly after being notified. Indeed, the only physical evidence that anything unusual had occurred was a long foamy yellow slick a hundred feet wide and a half mile long.

The following morning the local authorities received word from the RCC that no commercial or military aircraft had been reported missing anywhere near the area. The RCC, themselves perplexed, went so far as to Telex the RCAF's "Air Desk" in Ottawa informing them of the situation. Ottawa in turn Telexed Canada’s Maritime Command with orders to further investigate.

For three days navy divers searched the harbor’s bottom to no avail. The final report stated that no debris or indeed anything that could concievably be connected to the object was found. The event was labelled an unknown, the object unidentified.

The Condon Committee involved at the time in investigating UFO activity also conducted a study albeit cursory and could offer no explanation.

As is so often the case in incidents of this type, further information comes to the fore as the years pass often from unidentified sources, conspiracy theorists become involved and governments are accused of secrecy and cover-up.

Witnesses, both military and civilian, have emerged with stories of Canadian and American naval vessels gathering near a top secret underwater detection grid in the waters off Shelburne a nearby town to which the mysterious object had allegedly travelled before being joined by a second UFO. Further claims such as the objects were not of this Earth, that a large barge was dispatched to the area to aid in recovery efforts (according to archived newspaper stories the barge was there for repairs) or that the original object was observed on radar coming from the direction of Siberia have also been made but not substantiated. A Russian submarine was also apparently observed nearby.

Whatever the reason for the naval gathering, it was apparently called off on October 11 coinciding with the alleged re-emergence and departure of a UFO at Shag Harbour.

The UFO incident at Shag Harbour is rather unique in that it is one of the few that is officialy documented by a Western government.

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