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My name is William and as a youngster in Oregon (1970) I had a Bigfoot encounter or so I thought. It wasn't until years later that my older brothers admitted creating the strange footprints in the mud outside our cabin. Eight year olds can be very gullible.

Hello, m
name is Bill. I live in southern England and a few years ago I witnessed something strange. During the summer of 2008 I saw two lights in the night sky performing what can only be described as an arial dance. It stopped after a few seconds the lights moving north. What they were I don't know, balloons, airplanes, helicopters or alien spacecraft?

Hello, my name is Nathan and funnily enough I also saw two lights in the night sky (Southampton) during the summer of 2008. They bounced around for over 10 minutes before flying off. I still wonder what they might have been.

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