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My name is Tom, I live on a small farm just north of Toronto, Canada, and my encounter actually did happen in my own back yard. It was about 11 p.m. late August 2004. I was cleaning up after a family barbecue and I noticed a bright light (UFO) high in the sky moving towards me, when suddenly, noiselessly, it descended into an adjacent field. I put it down as a meteor and had decided to check it out in the morning when without warning it reappeared, traveled straight up then disappeared. I still have no idea what it was.

This is a picture I took [no first name or time of event included] during a lightning storm in Lithonia, Ga. I was trying to catch a photo of the lightning but kept missing so when I was deleting the pictures I came across this picture with an object flying in the background that wasn't there when I was snapping the pictures (or at least I didn't see it with the naked eye). I have also seen the white orb UFOs on 3 separate occasions, but this is the only picture I have.

Hi, my name is Jane and I feel foolish even writing this but here goes. While vacationing on Vancouver Island during the summer of 2007 we came across these giant footprints in the forest near the cabin we were renting. My husband said they were probably bear tracks, but I've spent many happy hours hiking on the mainland and I've seen bear tracks these weren't bear tracks. There was also a terrible smell and our dog normally brave began trembling. We left the following day (Port Renfrew) and have never returned. Like I said I feel foolish writing this, but I think I had a Bigfoot moment.

My name is Bob and my experience took place in the skies above my campsite on the Gibson River near Georgian Bay, Ontario, summer 2003. A white object circling far above for about five minutes then stationary for ten minutes before winking out. I'm not claiming it was a flying saucer but it sure was unidentified.

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