The Illuminati (Order of Perfectibilists)

The Illuminati, originally called the Order of Perfectibilists, is the secret society to which everyone refers when talking conspiracy theory, a shadowy group of powerful individuals purportedly pulling strings behind the scenes, influencing world events, controlling governments and dedicated to the establishment of a New World Order.

The Illuminati was founded in 1776 Bavaria (coincidentally the same year as the American Declaration of Independence) by Adam Weishaupt a university professor. The Order had branches in a number of European countries with a membership that included intellectuals, enlightened politicians, European nobility, Freemasons and former Freemasons (Weishaupt himself joined the Freemasons in 1777).

The Illuminati and their ideas concerning humanism and a single world government were to prove too radical for the established European governments and religions of the time and in 1784/85 they and the Freemasons were banned in Bavaria by Charles Theodore (German: Karl Theodor) Duke and Prince-Elector.

While this act may have officially put an end to the Society, it may equally as well have driven them underground and in the eyes of their detractors that is exactly what happened. Claims that they have been involved in wars and revolutions for over two hundred years are widespread: they have been blamed for both the French and Russian revolutions and implicated rightly or wrongly in breakdowns of authority everywhere.

If the Illuminati have had their share of critics they also have had those that view them in a kinder light. Thomas Jefferson claimed that they represented the best in humanity, intellectually and morally and that they had been forced to act in secrecy due to what he called "the tyranny of a despot" (Karl Theodor) "and priests" (the Roman Catholic Church).

Is the original Bavarian Illuminati, its heirs or like minded organizations (still) active, influencing today's modern world, its peoples and their governments?

Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister in the 1960s and 70s appears to have thought so. His nemesis were a small number of European bankers and financiers: obscure figures of immense power operating behind the scenes, secretly making decisions and pulling strings, an evolving Europe a marionette that danced to their tune. Wilson called these modern Illuminati the “Gnomes of Zurich.” [1] His vow to resist them proved fruitless, however, and a few decades later the fate of contemporary Europe seemed sealed, the eventual demise of individual nation states and national identities a foregone conclusion, the European Union a reality.

It appears, though, that these so called modern Illuminati (today including elites and special interests from government and financial centers such as Washington, London, New York, Shanghai and Dubai) may have bitten off more than they can chew with some parts of Europe descending into chaos and efforts at globalization elsewhere facing increased resistance. (In America an embattled working class angered by a process which appears [to them] to be unfavorable, even ruinous, and finding their government seemingly unable or unwilling to help, has [metaphorically speaking] put a number of noses out of joint by giving the proverbial applecart a swift kick.) [2]   

And with that it's obvious a new game is in play, the new approach, both foreign and domestic, sometimes raucous, sometimes pragmatic and businesslike. The message very Reagan/Thatcherish "peace through strength" and "When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." [3]

How this plays out remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

[1] The press quickly made the phrase their own, with the Wall Street Journal mentioning the Zurich gnomes
alongside the Establishment, the military-industrial complex and the Illuminati, as the people that allegedly ran the world.

[2] It has been suggested that the All-Seeing Eye as shown on both the American dollar bill and the Great Seal of the United States with the surrounding words Annuit Coeptis "Providence favors our undertakings" and Novus Ordo Seclorum "(A) New Order of the Ages" points to a once favorable—though no longer—relationship with the Order.

[3] In view of recent events
(the exit [Brexit] of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the election of Donald Trump in the United States, Italy's massive no vote in its referendum and the rise of right-wing populism in western democracies everywhere) a case can be made that the Illuminati's interaction/grip on world events is faltering, their superstate/no borders agenda losing momentum.

*Common Masonic use of the Eye (the movie National Treasure notwithstanding) dates to fourteen years after the creation of the Great Seal. Typically it has a semi-circular glory under the eye (not an unfinished pyramid), and sometimes the eye is enclosed by a triangle.

The following is an interesting excerpt drawn from Wikipedia: State within a state is a political situation in a country when an internal organ ("deep state"), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, secret police, administrative agencies and branches of government bureaucracy), does not respond to the civilian political leadership. Although the state within a state can be conspiratorial in nature, the deep state can also allegedly take the form of entrenched unelected career civil servants acting in a non-conspiratorial manner, to further their own interests (e.g. job security, enhanced power and authority, pursuit of ideological goals and objectives, and the general growth of their agency) and in opposition to the policies of elected officials by obstructing, resisting, and subverting the policies and directives of elected officials.

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