The Charles L. Moody Alien Abduction

At 1:15 a.m. August 13, 1975, Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody in the desert near Alamogordo, New Mexico, to observe a meteor shower, allegedly observed more than he had bargained for. A silver glowing object separated itself from the brilliant flashes far above and began to descend to the desert floor. At a height of twenty feet or so, the UFO approximately the size of a city bus and now emitting a high pitched whine began to move in his direction.

Frightened he desperately tried to start his car, giving up after repeated attempts produced no response. The strange craft finally stopped a few feet from the hapless Moody and hovered menacingly, shadowy figures vaguely visible through a rectangular widow. Frozen with fear the serviceman felt a numbness steal through his body followed by a sense of lethargy.

The next thing he remembered was the object rising back into the heavens and disappearing.

Terrified Moody frantically twisted the ignition key all the while pumping the gas, this time the automobile responded the engine exploding into life. Skidding and sliding the car grabbed for traction and within minutes was hurtling down the desert highway in the direction of home. Upon arrival he was astonished  to find it was 3 a.m., an hour and a half was missing.

Over the following few days physical complaints began to manifest themselves, lower back pain and a lower body rash. His physician believing it to be psychosomatic, possibly stress related, advised him to try self hypnosis/hypnotic regression as an aid in remembering the missing time. 

Evidently the advice met with some success, Moody remembering the events that followed the UFO's descent and the numbness and lethargy that followed its approach.

Two beings about six feet in height had approached his car and rendered him unconscious, when he awoke he was inside the craft, on his back and paralyzed; standing next to him was an alien dressed in a silver suit with whitish grey skin and a bald head who though somewhat shorter than the others exuded authority and was apparently the leader.

After telepathically questioning Moody as to whether he would be compliant and receiving a positive response he removed the paralysis.

Moody was then apparently given a tour of the ship, shown its drive unit and informed the vessel was only a landing craft, the mother ship was in orbit 400 miles away. [1] The leader then purportedly rendered the Air Force sergeant unconscious again, crew members carrying him to his car

Moody was examined by Charles McQuiston co-inventor of the Psychological Stress Evaluator (an early form of voice lie detector) who declared him to be telling the truth insofar as he believed it. [2]

[1] Later two contradictions emerged in Moody’s recounting, he changed the distance of the mother ship to 6,000 miles from 400, and described the aliens, earlier referred to as six foot, as frail.

[2] Its possible, as might be the case with many alien abductions, that he was suffering from an hallucinatory (often vivid) event of the type associated with sleep paralysis.

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