The Zimbabwe (Ariel Elementary School) UFO Incident

On September 16, 1994, 62 students ages 5 through 12, while enjoying mid-morning recess in the playground of Ariel elementary school, a private primary school located in Ruwa a small town in Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe, allegedly witnessed three silver balls high in the sky. Apparently, after appearing and disappearing three times the UFOs made their way to the school (according to one witness following a line of electricity pylons) with one either landing or hovering (there is some disagreement over this) in an area made up of trees, thorn bushes and bamboo populated by poisonous animals and insects and off limits to the students.

All the children told the same basic story, the consensus of opinion being that an object came down about a hundred meters (300 or so feet) from where the children were gathered at the playground’s edge. A small man or men (alien) about a meter in height, with a scrawny neck, large bulging eyes, pale skin, long hair and dressed in a shiny tight-fitting black suit apparently appeared on the top of the object, on the ground, then behind the object. Soon after the object lifted of at high speed and disappeared.
Following the close encounter’s conclusion some of the younger students, apparently believing they were going to be eaten, ran into the school frightened and shouting for help.

Unfortunately the only adult available (the teachers were attending a faculty meeting) was the mother of one of the students and operator of the school’s “tuckshop,” who believing the fracas to be a ruse in the offing (perhaps to gain access to candy) refused to leave her post.

The older students, who remained outside, had a different take maintaining the creature or creatures intimated (telepathically) that humans were destroying the planet, polluting the environment and that there would be dire consequences. One of them stated that she had received a message (from the beings) that we are not taking “proper care of the planet” while it was the opinion of another “that they want people to know that we’re actually making harm on this world and we mustn’t get too technologed” while yet another impressive in her sincerity and obviously anxious that she be believed told investigators, “ I swear by every hair on my head and the whole bible that I am telling the truth.”

The event purportedly lasted about fifteen minutes the object(s) eventually disappearing from view.

The headmaster of the school, a Mr. Colin Mackie, and a non-believer in UFOs said he believed the children were telling the truth and had seen what they said the saw.

According to some sources, UFOs were seen in the skies over Zimbabwe for two days prior to the alleged encounter.

To many, the Ariel incident is one of the most noteworthy in terms of proof of UFO’s and aliens. Their argument that it would be nearly impossible to get 62 children to invent a story like this let alone get the particulars to match.

The students, now adults, still stand by their claims.

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