The Alan Godfrey Alien Abduction

Eastern Britain
in late 1980 was awash in UFO sightings with unidentified flying objects allegedly being chased by police down coastal roads, over flying oil rigs in the North Sea and descending into Rendlesham Forest a wooded area bordering two NATO bases in East Anglia.

Along with the more recognized incidents, however, about a month earlier than Rendlesham (28/29 November) and roughly 200 miles (300 or so kilometers) to the northwest, was another encounter, equally noteworthy if a little more country, which began with police constable Alan Godfrey [1] on night patrol in the small town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire, searching for a herd of missing cows.

Just before dawn, on the outskirts of town, Godfrey saw what he initially took to be the 5:00 a.m. bus. It wasn’t until he drew closer that he realized it was something very different, a fuzzy oval hovering low over the road and rotating with such speed that leaves on roadside trees appeared to be vibrating in sympathy.

Taking out a notepad he began to sketch the strange apparition when suddenly there was a bright flash and the next thing he knew he was considerably farther down the road the UFO nowhere in sight. Returning to where the object had been hovering he noticed a circular dry area on an otherwise rain slicked surface (It had been raining heavy earlier in the night.) Later at 5:30 a.m. and back at the police station, he had a nagging feeling that it was a few minutes later than it should have been. [2] [3]

At first (understandably) concerned about possible ridicule Godfrey held back on his report but after learning he was not alone changed his mind (at approximately the same time as the encounter a person while driving on the same road just three miles away at Cliviger, had reported seeing a brilliant white object high in the sky as had a police patrol from nearby Halifax). [4]

Encouraged by the affirmation of others Godfrey submitted an official account only to be taken aback upon finding, a few days later, that what he had assumed would be confidential had been released to the local newspaper. The ensuing investigation by a local UFO group added to his discomfort.

Although unable to cast further light on the missing time, there was an increasingly confused memory of the chain of events surrounding the sighting (an unexplained image of seeing himself outside his police car) and a horizontal split on the sole of his tough police-issued boots fueling speculation by some that he had been dragged along the ground. He also told of other strange things (apparently as a child seeing a ball of light appear in his bedroom or as a teenager, while returning a girlfriend home, seeing a ghost like figure and her dog step out in front of his car only to disappear, the episode supposedly followed by two hours of missing time.

Some eight month later, in an effort to clarify conflicting memories, constable Godfrey began a series of regressive hypnotic sessions the results even more outlandish.

Godfrey revealed that his car’s battery, radio and his handset all died prior to the bright flash which rendered him unconscious. His next memory was of being in a room with a large dog and a man with a heavy beard who communicated telepathically. The man’s name was apparently “Yosef,” he was dressed in biblical type clothing and accompanied by a number of small robot like creatures supposedly the height of a five year old with lamp like heads.

Although there were periods of missing memory, the recall that did emerge was for the most part benign devoid of the indignities common in many abduction stories.

Asked as to his opinion on the incident as a whole, Godfrey answered that he believed the UFO encounter was real but as for the hypnotic sessions he wasn’t sure, perhaps real, perhaps a flight of the imagination.

Forced to undergo a medical investigation by a police force worried about his mental state and though pronounced psychologically competent, he eventually resigned (supposedly) over an unrelated physical injury incurred while attempting to take three wanted men into custody.

[1] Alan Godfrey is considered by some to be, along with Robert Taylor, one of Britain's first alien abductees.

[2] It has also been suggested by some that Godfrey’s purported encounter was little more than a dream, the officer having worked all night drifting off into a temporary state of near-sleep (partly asleep and partly awake) a time when dream like elements can encroach on the real world producing hallucinations.

[3] In an 2008 interview on the UK’s Channel 5, Godfrey extended the period of “missing time” to 30 minutes.

[4] There is apparently some confusion as to the date, the Halifax patrol’s stakeout and sighting purportedly taking place on November 21, 1980, a week before Godfrey’s encounter. If so it removes them as a corroborating factor.

* The alleged abduction of November 28/29 may not have been Godfrey's first foray into the world of aliens and UFOs. Six months prior he and another officer had been the principal investigators into the mysterious death of Zigmund Adamski, a 56 year old coal miner found lying atop of a coal heap in a Todmorden coal yard. An examination revealed he had died of a heart attack, had strange burns on his neck and shoulders (the burns covered in some sort of unidentified salve) and was dressed as though by someone else (jacket but no shirt, the jacket and shoes improperly fastened) with no traces of coal dust on his skin or clothing.

Further investigation was ended later that year with officers forbidden to discuss the matter further. The coroner was later to confess he was baffled, even expressing a willingness to entertain, along with popular speculation, the involment of extraterrestrials. The case remains unsolved.

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